"An enthralling suspenseful tale that starts with small facts and seemingly unrelated events, which gradually coalesce into a rapidly snowballing juggernaut. Staub’s facility at developing realistic characters with their complex set of problems enhance the believability of this tale that superficially is about the impact of a man’s midlife crisis upon his wife and children. Several red herrings keep the reader guessing and the various storylines weave a complex tapestry that continues beyond this novel." – Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick

"It is a relentless and driving force of nature to safeguard our children against all dangers, but when that danger is life-threatening, is there anything we will not do to protect them? I am not too sure that any one of us really wants to find out just how far we would go, but unlike Garvey, most of us have limits. The characters in this story are embittered with a whole host of anxieties, fears, and insecurities that shadow them every step of the way, but it is Lauren’s constant self recriminations that I find the hardest to take. The pain of betrayal, the loss of a child, and the fear of exposure all conspire to make this a hair-raising and heart-wrenching read from beginning to end." – Coffee Time Romance & More

"I love books based upon what I call Ordinary Evil that begins with an event that can happen to anyone. A car accident. An unwanted pregnancy. A child picking up something they shouldn't. It is what happens after that takes these ordinary instances - accidents typically, mild carelessness at worst - into devastating crime. And the best part? It is normally a slow buildup, a character doing things out of character until suddenly, they aren't even who they thought they were anymore. LIVE TO TELL is just such a book, eerily combining the everyday with the horrific, making the tale all that more chilling in the telling. Live to Tell takes the bonds that we all rely on everyday and shows how twisting or breaking them can blow up in our faces. It is an edge of your seat thriller, the type of book that takes off and is hard to put down once it does. A good read for anyone who likes suspense. I will be reading the sequel Scared to Death when it comes out in December." -- Maggie Boyd for All About Romance

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Comment by John on April 20, 2010 at 5:39pm
Congratulations! The praise is well-deserved...

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