We're only a few months away from publication of my next thriller THE GOOD SISTER (on sale September 24 wherever paperbacks and ebooks are sold--preorder by clicking the above link!) and I just got the first official review. Not too shabby, either--it's from Kirkus! Here's what they had to say:

A novel that delves into the tragic past and state of mind of a serial killer. This is not a “whodunit.” Here, suspense is sustained by the questions: why did the killer do it, and who will be next? The story addresses three issues: child abuse (both pedophilia and the punitive cruelty born of rigid religious fundamentalism); the effects of high school bullying; and the negative impact of cybertechnology on interpersonal relationships. The killer, Adrian, aka Angel (a social networking name), remembers an older sister who killed herself after being set up for mockery at her high school. He remembers that his sister loved him dearly and sought to protect him from the cruelty of their parents. He only finds out that their father was sexually molesting his sister after discovering an old journal in the family home he inherits after his mother's death (under questionable circumstances). While following Adrian’s history, readers are introduced to a neighboring family and a daughter, Carley, a likable, troubled teen struggling with issues when she changes schools. As questions about who will be next (and why) are answered, and two girls commit suicide, it becomes clear who's on the killer’s hit list. Fans of Criminal Minds will especially love this book. -- KIRKUS REVIEW


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Comment by Selina Williams on August 3, 2013 at 8:39pm


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