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The More Things Change...

My own memories of eighth grade are so vivid that I’m pretty sure—until I glance into a mirror and see the telltale wrinkles around my eyes and the absence of orthodontic hardware—that it all happened a few days ago, at most.

By eighth grade, I was blessed to have a solid group of friends with whom, I didn’t realize then, I would remain close to this day. Many are members of this site (and I love you guys for all the support over the years).

Eighth grade was our last year… Continue

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Every March, our elementary school—like many—observes PARP (Parents as Reading Partners) month. It’s filled with literary activities: a book drive, Starry Story Night (the kids go to school in pajamas at night and teachers read to them), Do the Write Thing workshops (I’m always happy to participate as an instructor), and of course, Character Day, when you come to school dressed as a character from your favorite book.

When my boys were little, Character Day was met with… Continue

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Another winner!

Sorry for the delay, folks, I've been away all week. I'm glad to announce that the randomly chosen winner of my February contest is Amy in Grand Rapids, who also happens to be one of our newest members. Amy, touch base with me and I'll send you your prize--a bottle of wine from a Long Island vineyard and a box of chocolates! Remember, everyone who entered this month will be eligible to win the Grand Prize at the end of the year. Enter my March contest this month (details below) and increase… Continue

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Having reconciled myself to being completely out of touch when my Blackberry conked out while we were away, I'll admit I had a shred of nagging worry in the back of my mind upon our return yesterday. What if something had happened while we were gone, and we didn't get the news?

Sadly, I found that to be the case. My dear lifelong friend, Phil Pelletter, passed away last week.

The photo… Continue

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That’s the title (and a few extra lyrics) of one of Mark’s favorite songs, by Kenny Chesney, who, like our hero Jimmy Buffett, seems to “get” the whole Caribbean thing.

If you’ve read this blog, you already know that our family loves to travel. We particularly like to travel with a purpose and a goal. Exhibit A: the 50-State Book Tour, which combines business with pleasure. But sometimes, as much as you love your work, you have to leave the… Continue

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There But For The Grace of God

I'm not a nervous flier. I have been, in the past--certainly for about a year after 9-11. Every time I boarded a plane in New York and flew low over the scarred skyline, I was disturbed and frightened.

But I got over it, of course. These days, I think nothing of getting onto a plane--in fact, it's one of my favorite places to be. That's a good thing, because I have to fly quite a bit on business, and choose to fly quite a bit for pleasure as well.

I can't tell you how… Continue

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Don't Know Much Trigonometry...

I was out in the woods walking with a couple of my friends this morning when one got a cell phone call from her son. He was home studying for an upcoming science midterm and was concerned about the test, looking for guidance and reassurance.

Midterm? I asked. Uh-oh. What midterm? My son—our boys are classmates--missed the last few days of school, out sick, so I was immediately concerned that he might not know about the looming test.

Um, yeah, turns out he knows all about… Continue

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25 Random Facts About Me

1. I am a sushi fanatic.

2. I am of full blooded Italian/Sicilian descent and have an enormous extended family—hundreds—in my upstate NY hometown area.

3. I’m the oldest grandchild out of 13 on both sides of the family and all four of my grandparents were alive until I was in my mid-thirties and had both my children. I still have my grandma. But children don't have either of theirs.

4. I very rarely eat anything containing white flour or sugar and I rarely… Continue

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DING DING DING...We have a winner!

The results of the January contest are in. One name was randomly pulled from the correct entries, and I'm happy to announce that one of our newest members, Teresa Alexander, has won the prize. A trayful of southern sweets are on their way to her from Savannah Candy Kitchen. Congratulations, Teresa!

Everyone who entered the January contest has automatically been entered in the 1/1/10 Grand Prize drawing. Now it's time to give the February contest a shot. Just click on the settings… Continue

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At this time of year, I work with my publicists to finalize my tour schedule for spring and summer, when my new releases hit the shelves. Good thing I love to travel, because I’m going to be covering a lot of ground from April through August!

A quick rundown of the highlights finds me in Florida in April; upstate New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio in May; in Manhattan in June; at two national conferences—Thrillerfest (NYC) and RWA National (DC)—in… Continue

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Wherefore Art Thou, Dinty Moore?

I’m descended from a long line of Italian mothers who dote on their sons. Once, my mom (who, don’t get me wrong, adored her daughters) was screening calls, heard my brother’s voice on the answering machine , shrieked, “It’s Ricky!” and literally leapt over furniture to get to the phone on time. My husband, who witnessed it, still marvels at the memory of his airborn mother-in-law. I should add that my brother was an adult and living a few blocks away… Continue

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Grand Prize

Now that the member exclusive contest is up and running (have you joined and entered yet?), I can reveal the Grand Prize that all monthly entrants will be automatically eligible to win (and if you enter every month, you'll have 12 chances to win!):

I love to travel, and I love to meet readers. Combining the two makes me REALLY happy.

So, on January 1, 2010, one name will be randomly chosen from the pool to receive four copies of my 2010 thriller from Avon. Share the books… Continue

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New Deal Announcement in PW!

This is from the January 19 issue of Publishers Weekly (those are just working titles):


Wendy Corsi Staub, who has published more than 30 books with Kensington over the last 15 years, will move to Avon for three new ones; Lucia Macro acquired world English rights in a major deal with Laura Blake Peterson at Curtis Brown. The first novel in the deal, Finders Keepers, will be published in 2010, to be followed by its sequel, Losers Weepers, and…

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Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting here working madly on my new book when Mark hollered from downstairs. I'll admit, I was not happy to be interrupted. My characters were in a provocative jam at that particular moment. "What is it?" I groused. "Bono!" he shouted.



Characters and plot promptly forgotten, I bolted downstairs.

Gotta love a man who would alert his wife to a channel-surf sighting of… Continue

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Miracle on the Hudson

My older son and I were on our way to Borders in Manhattan this afternoon and he wanted to take a detour to the west side location where the US Air Jet was being removed from the Hudson River alongside Battery Park City.

The air temperature was in the teens and the river was filled with chunks of ice--it wasn't hard to imagine what it must have been like for those passengers wading along the wings waiting for rescue.

The area swarmed… Continue

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A New Year, A New Contest!

Many of you wrote to tell me you enjoyed last month’s Twelve Days of Christmas Nostalgic Recipes Blog (that’s not necessarily what I set out to create, but when you start mixing old photos and family memories with a whole lot of sugar and butter, that’s what you get!).

That got me thinking...

Twelve days of Christmas...twelve months in a year…and I just happen to have published twelve adult suspense novels. Just like that, a year-long contest idea was born.

I’ll… Continue

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Aspiring Authors, Take Note!

I know that many of you are aspiring authors, and I was, of course, once in your shoes. I was fortunate to have had a prior career as an editor at a Manhattan publishing house, and even more fortunate to have had a boss--the lovely Valerie Susan Hayward--who not only taught me how to be an editor, but encouraged me along the path to becoming an author.

I'm thrilled to announce that Val has now launched her own consulting business, and it's my pleasure to recommend her services to… Continue

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After the storm...A fresh start!

Yesterday, it snowed nonstop here in Westchester County, making it impossible for us to get to the party we were supposed to attend a few towns over. Instead, we had dinner with two couples at a local restaurant. The guys all ordered steak; my girlfriends and I shared three appetizers and two seafood entrees so we could have some of everything.

Before eleven, we adjourned to our friends' home a few snowy blocks away and rang in the… Continue

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On the Twelfth Day Of Christmas

On Christmas morning, all four of our grandparents always came over to see what Santa had brought us. This evolved into the annual Grandparents' Breakfast, yet another Christmas tradition that lasted until my sister and I had children of our own (see above--that's our four grandparents with our two firstborns).

We'd always seen all four of them the night before, and we'd see them all again later that day--first at one house with one… Continue

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On the Eleventh Day of Christmas...

My sister Lisa Rae--who is eighteen months younger than me to the day--has been a part of every Christmas I can remember. Here we are in a typical scene, which we have, as grown women, decided begs the question..."This may have been the era of the groovy miniskirt, but Good God, Mom, what were you thinking?!" I have bathing suits longer than my dress in that picture.

But, I digress.

By all accounts, I have adored my sister… Continue

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