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The New Thriller

I thought you all deserved an update from the front...

I've been working really, really hard on LIVE TO TELL, which is scheduled to come out in March from my new publisher, Avon. I'm back in the mode--getting up early, writing all day and well into the night--except when my boys have games, field trips, art shows, and all the other stuff that pops up at this busy time of year.

People often ask me what is the most difficult part of a book to write--and what is the easiest.… Continue

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One of our newest members, Allison Larsson, is the winner of the May contest. Congratulations, Allison! Please email me and let me know where we can send your prize!

Rest assured if you entered but didn't win this month. All entrants are placed into the drawing for the grand prize: an evening with me in your hometown. Check out the details below--and it's time to enter the June contest, featuring my 2004 thriller KISS HER GOODBYE!

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The Gap, The Rainforest, and Cabernet

Imagine a mother and teenaged daughter walking into the Gap on a gorgeous Friday afternoon in late May. The mother says to the daughter, "Find whatever you like, take it all into the dressing room and try it on to make sure it fits, and I'll buy you whatever you want."

The daughter squeals, hugs her mom, perhaps says "I love you, Mom," and start grabbing hangers, right?

Now imagine the same scenario with a mother and teenaged son. Imagine that it unfolds as above, until we… Continue

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Just Another Manic...Tuesday

I keep forgetting we had a long weekend...and no wonder. It's been a crazy, Monday kind of day as I'm slowly resurfacing after last week's unpleasantness.

Meanwhile, check out this link to Maya Rodale's blog, where I answered her "Six Questions"… Continue

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Thank God

My father was moved from the ICU yesterday into a regular room and is on the mend. What a harrowing week it has been. Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers!

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I know I have been quiet lately, as has Mark. Our family has hit another difficult patch and my father has been critically ill in the ICU. I hope to update you all with good news as soon as I can. Meanwhile, I have been receiving lots of emails and requests and questions about the new book, etc., and right now I am just too overwhelmed to tend to it. I didn't want anyone to feel ignored or feel that I am neglecting my community here. Mark and I will be back soon, hopefully with these troubled… Continue

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Dead Before Dark Readalong Winners!

Congrats to the 5 winners of my daily readalong triva contests!

Day 1: Sara Lopardo/Amazon Gift Certificate
Day 2: Tammy Spencer/Denny's Gift Card
Day 3: Laura Montana/Starbucks Gift Card
Day 4: John Valeri/Borders Gift Card
Day 5: Carol Buck/Freestyle Wristwatch

Thanks to you and all the members who played along; I love sharing the "Story behind the story" with you!

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Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms and grandmas here! I wish you hand-picked spring flowers and crayon-scrawled "I love you's" and sticky kisses. Those are the things I'm wishing for myself today, grateful to be home with my children at last after a week away. I'm on a tight revision deadline so I'm working all day, but I'm content to just be here at home, with my boys right where I can hug them whenever I want to. Moms know that there is… Continue

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Oh, Stormvikki...

I just pulled the contest winner for April and it was one of the first members to join the site, almost a year ago. The member's name is STORMVIKKI . Congratulations!

Meanwhile, I've added all of you who had the correct answers to my growing pool of potential Grand Prize Winners and am really looking forward to drawing a name on New Year's Day to see whose hometown I'll be visiting!

The May contest has just been posted below, so be sure to enter!

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So far, so good!

Just a quick note between signings to update everyone--DEAD BEFORE DARK is now in stores and selling briskly, according to the booksellers I've met in my travels.

It's good to be back home in New York for a few days, stock signing in Manhattan before I head out on tour again this weekend.

I had a great time at the RT Booklovers Convention in Florida last week/weekend--as you can see by the cheery photo above, snapped by my… Continue

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Tuesday is the big day! DEAD BEFORE DARK goes on sale. Here are some advance reviews:

• In this intense follow-up to 2008’s Dying Breath, just as self-described psychic detective Lucinda Sloan is helpless to stop a monomaniacal serial killer, readers will be helpless to stop turning pages until the end. From the moment the killer branded the Night Watchman sees Lucinda on television, he knows that she will be the grand finale in his latest… Continue

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Last year around this time, I was writing madly to meet a book deadline while gearing up for April 29, DB-DAY (the on-sale date for DYING BREATH) and the PR whirlwind that goes with a major release. By the end of May, I was at my doctor’s office with scary chest pains that were attributed to…stress?

That diagnosis really threw me for a loop. I am, after all, the almighty “WENSTER”—Mark’s longtime nickname for my hyper-Type-A personna that also serves as an adjective or a verb. When… Continue

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Easter Sunday

My friend sent me this cartoon and made me laugh. Thanks, Kyle.

I don't have much of a sweet tooth, as you know if you read this blog, so my favorite thing to eat on Easter was always the ham (minus sweet glaze). My children and Mark, however, are big fans of sweets, and the Easter Bunny knows it. This morning, our coffee table contained three baskets filled to the brim. (Mark got his own this year so he won't filch the boys'… Continue

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I might complain about the notorious Buffalo weather marring our spring break, but in truth, I’m glad I got to spend a couple of whirlwind days back home. This past week held a milestone in our family: my grandma, Sara Ricotta, turned 91 years old. We were fortunate to be with her to celebrate what I figure to be 33,146 days she's been on this earth. (Math was never my forte, so don't sue me if I'm off by a little--or a few thousand). The occasion was… Continue

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Spring Break

Here's the view out our car windows this past week as we made yet another treacherous journey along the New York State Thruway to western New York:

I say it every April: next year, we're going to celebrate Easter in some southern locale beneath sunshine, blue skies, and swaying palm fronds. It hasn't happened in ages--but when I plan our 2010 spring break, someone please shoot me if I decide, once again, that it's a great idea to… Continue

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Congratulations to New Member Sharon Salituro!

What a way to be welcomed to our community--your name was pulled from all the correct entries last night as the winner of the March contest! A basket of NYC treats is coming your way--contact me privately with your mailing address.

The correct answers were:

1) Preschool Triplets

2) Allie

3) Co-op City

Make sure you all enter the April contest...scroll down for the multiple choice entry form below and give it your best shot to win a gift from Westchester… Continue

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At this time of year, I always find myself bogged down with work, feeling restless and yearning for…I’m not quite sure what. Great news of some sort? Travel? New shoes? Pie? I don’t know, exactly. But lately, any break in the daily routine seems more welcome than usual.

Is it just me? Or do you, too, have a case of the doldrums or spring fever or whatever it is that’s ailing me?

Here are some things that have given me a lift the past few weeks, and not in any particular… Continue

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Writers for Purple Day

Founded in 2008, by nine-year-old Cassidy Megan of Nova Scotia, Canada, Purple Day is an international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. On March 26, people from around the globe are asked to wear purple and spread the word about epilepsy.

Why? Epilepsy affects over 50 million people worldwide. That's more than multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson's disease… Continue

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This is the view out the window above my desk this morning--the first day of Spring. Here in New York, March blew in like a lion with a major snowstorm on the first. I was hoping it would go out like a lamb, but it's hard to imagine we're due for balmy weather here anytime in the near future! But as a native western New Yorker raised on the shores of Lake Erie's Blizzard Belt--where I experienced snowy First Communion…


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The More Things Change...

My own memories of eighth grade are so vivid that I’m pretty sure—until I glance into a mirror and see the telltale wrinkles around my eyes and the absence of orthodontic hardware—that it all happened a few days ago, at most.

By eighth grade, I was blessed to have a solid group of friends with whom, I didn’t realize then, I would remain close to this day. Many are members of this site (and I love you guys for all the support over the years).

Eighth grade was our last year… Continue

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