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Another Bestseller!

After less than one week on-sale, Dead Before Dark has debuted at #105 of all books (hardcover/paperback/trade/fiction/non-fiction) on the USA Today Bestseller list! Congratulations to Wendy who is still traveling and thanks to all of you who continually support her!

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Wendy on the Road

Wendy asked me to pass on this message to the community - she is currently traveling, driving actually, from Pittsburgh to Erie, Pennsylvania. Wendy will post as soon as she can get online. She is headed for a Starbucks in Erie...stay tuned.

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An Improved Site

This is to let everyone know that Wendy and I met with our web designers yesterday to discuss the site going forward into 2009. We came away with some cool ideas and exciting features that will be added in the near future. Please let us know if there anything you all would like to see added as well.

Thank you.

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The Inside Story...Oh No! The New Book!

I have had the pleasure to spend the last two days back in my hard chair reading Wendy's new suspense "Dead Before Dark." I know all those fans of Wendy will be very pleased with this when it arrives in store in the spring. Its a bit different than her usual releases in that it there are many new types of characters that don't usually appear in Wendy's books. Also, many of your favorite characters from "Dying Breath" make return appearances. It also a bit longer than usual and features an… Continue

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Farewell My Lovely

I’ve had a lot of addresses. Not recently as we have lived in our house for almost 13 years, but before that. What always made me feel at home in each place? The Yankee game, especially those games at home at Yankee Stadium. I’d put on Channel 11, SportsChannel, or MSG, see the pinstripes and know that everything was as it was supposed to be.

I first went to Yankee Stadium forty years ago in May of 1968. I saw Mickey Mantle in his… Continue

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The Inside Story

I have been trying to find a time to post my blog but it has been very difficult to follow Wendy's pieces. First the piece about our mothers and the blooms and then the September 11th remembrance. Very emotional, very moving for me to follow with my glib, light-hearted banter.

Now that enough time has gone by from those postings I can report the following: Wendy is still extremely busy with her next suspense previously named Dying Light. As you know, due to publisher considerations… Continue

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The Inside Story...Oh No! Other Surprises

I see that Wendy has added a bunch of pictures to my list. Here is another few places that may not have as much natural beauty or well known history but kind of amazing to end up at.

1. Thurman Munson's Gravesite, Canton, Ohio

2. The Arctic Bar, Ketchikan, Alaska

3. The Pebble Beach Golf Course, 18th hole, Carmel, California

4. Havre, Montana: named for a fight between two men over a women which ended when one man said to the other "I don't want her,… Continue

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The Inside Story...Oh no! Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know where you'll be

Like Forrest Gump says, life can be so full of surprises. In our case because of Wendy's travel schedule and the Fifty State Tour, we sometimes find ourselves in places that we never thought we'd be. Its always a surprise to us that we are actually there and we say jokingly in our family "Here we are in such and such." As our friends know, we always write that at the beginning of our postcards we send from our trips.

I think the first time we said that we were surpised to find ourselves in… Continue

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Big Big News! The Inside Story Will Return!

Hello everyone. After an extended summer vacation The Inside Story...Oh No! will begin its new season on Tuesday following Labor Day. I know all you dedicated fans of "TIS...ON!" can't wait to get caught up on all the excitement of daily life with Wendy and for those new to the site you can easily see what's come before by buying the DVD of Season 1 on sale now. Just kidding about the DVD, you can all just read my previous blog posts. Don't worry, all… Continue

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The Inside Story...Oh no! (continued) The Party

Surprise, surprise. As busy as Wendy always is, she somehow pulled off the event of a lifetime without me knowing or suspecting anything. My milestone birthday, as Wendy calls it, is right around the corner and last Friday night we were going out to dinner with our neighbors to celebrate. As fate would have it, our neighbor has the exact same birthday as me. The story we were told was that we had to make a quick stop at a charity event before proceeding to the restaurant when BAM, SURPRISE! An… Continue

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The Inside Story...Oh no! (continued) The News Blackout

I know all of you fans of The Inside Story have been clamoring for a new post for some time now (ok, maybe not all, maybe not even some, but at least one). Unfortunately there hasn't been alot of news to report about life with Wendy because lately there hasn't been any life with Wendy. Why? She is back to writing! After all the travel and events and signings she is finally up in office for about 12-14 hours a day working on her next book. Its nice and quiet around here, school is finishing up… Continue

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The Inside Story...Oh no! (continued) Ups and Downs

Everyone knows life is full of ups and downs, peaks and valleys, good days and bad. This weekend was no different except that the ups and downs all happened in the same day. For example, my younger son has been struggling in Little League this year with his hitting, he just won't swing the bat. He says he is scared to swing because he was hit in the head by a pitch last season. He wasn't hurt of course and if you know him and his head, you'll know the ball was in more jeopardy than his brain.… Continue

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The Inside Story...Oh no! (continued) The Truth Is Revealed

Who would've thought Wendy would tell everyone about the stress induced pains she has been having? As she wrote in her "chill" blog, she thinks she is a superwoman and can do be in two places at once, deliver manuscripts on time under impossible deadlines, write commencement addresses and conference speeches, conduct events and programs, handle everything that keeps coming at her without any ill effects. As we all know, it doesn't work that way and something had to give.… Continue

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The Inside Story...Oh no! (continued) The New York Times

Okay, okay, I know I have derelict in my reporting duties so I apologize to one and all. Now, that we've cleared that up, this is exactly what happened tonight at 5:33pm. I had brought our younger son to baseball practice and waited because it was supposed to rain again and I figured I'd just grab him from there instead of going home and coming back. My phone rang and Wendy told me her editor just called to let her know that yes, even though making the New York Times bestseller list criteria… Continue

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The Inside Story...Oh no! (continued) Another Bestseller!

Congratulations are now in order as Wendy's new suspense, Dying Breath, has debuted at number 100 of USA Today's bestsellers. Keep in mind that the USA Today list includes all books, hardcovers, fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks and bibles currently for sale. As a matter of fact, Wendy follows the classic J.D. Salinger novel, Catcher in the Rye at 99.

Quite an achievement!

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The Inside Story...Oh no! (continued) Today's the USA Today

This morning we woke to find Wendy gone again, on her way to a conference in Atlanta. We barely had time to hear about what a great time she had at her book party at the Book Nook, but we know that there was a great turnout so thanks to everyone who attended. Today's big story is the nice big advertisement for Dying Breath in USA Today - look on the Books page in the Life section - so thanks to the publisher Kensington for that.

Update on my dad. He is doing very well and recovering… Continue

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The Inside Story...Oh no! (continued) For the Birds

Saturday morning and all seems to be back to what we call normal. After a successful book launch party at The Book Nook last night, Wendy is again on the move between Buffalo and Fredonia, NY – a one hour trip which she will do three times today – and we here at home will be going to visit my dad in the hospital. He was moved out of the Intensive Care Unit to the Cardiac Care Unit last evening and is talking again, giving the nurses a hard time and… Continue

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The Inside Story and Dad

My father is off the ventilator and is stable. We will see him soon. Wendy has landed in Buffalo and is on the move.

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The Inside Story ...Oh no! (continued) Laughter is the Best Medicine

Sometimes when everything is rolling along with lots of larfs as we call them, a jolt of the real world comes crashing down and you again remember that life isn’t just about cookies and brownies and bad grass. On Monday we found out that my dad would need immediate heart surgery and today we took him to the hospital for the angiogram to determine the procedure he will require in his operation tomorrow morning. It’s all so serious. Fortunately, that’s… Continue

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The Inside Story...Oh no! (continued) Bullet Points

I was going to wait a day or two before my next entry after yesterday's bumper cars and other assorted nuttiness but I just have to tell you what is happening today. Wendy is in NYC to sign store copies of her two books released today. As you know by know, she always brings a little something to show her appreciation to all the booksellers she visits. Today is no different as she hauled 9 dozen home baked brownies on the train to the city. The poor kid hurt her knee as she was running up the… Continue

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