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Having reconciled myself to being completely out of touch when my Blackberry conked out while we were away, I'll admit I had a shred of nagging worry in the back of my mind upon our return yesterday. What if something had happened while we were gone, and we didn't get the news?

Sadly, I found that to be the case. My dear lifelong friend, Phil Pelletter, passed away last week.

The photo… Continue

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That’s the title (and a few extra lyrics) of one of Mark’s favorite songs, by Kenny Chesney, who, like our hero Jimmy Buffett, seems to “get” the whole Caribbean thing.

If you’ve read this blog, you already know that our family loves to travel. We particularly like to travel with a purpose and a goal. Exhibit A: the 50-State Book Tour, which combines business with pleasure. But sometimes, as much as you love your work, you have to leave the… Continue

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My New Book Blog

Hey Everyone,

I've just been "hired" to write a book blog for Examiner.com (Hartford, CT). I am now their books examiner. I launched my column on Tuesday and have written posts on the James Patterson formula, Visual Bookshelf, the Kindle 2, and Jodi Picoult's upcoming appearance in CT. Currently, that last one is the most popular on the site, which is really cool. While I will be doing a lot to promote local authors, booksellers, and events, I am also going to be posting book… Continue

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There But For The Grace of God

I'm not a nervous flier. I have been, in the past--certainly for about a year after 9-11. Every time I boarded a plane in New York and flew low over the scarred skyline, I was disturbed and frightened.

But I got over it, of course. These days, I think nothing of getting onto a plane--in fact, it's one of my favorite places to be. That's a good thing, because I have to fly quite a bit on business, and choose to fly quite a bit for pleasure as well.

I can't tell you how… Continue

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Gardening Blog Contest part deux

Ok, so I didn't win. For some unfathomable reason they gave it to someone who had actually been writing a garden blog for a couple of years. Imagine that! I did, however, get by far the most hits. This is in part thanks to my son who lives and works on one of those Westchester estates, owned by someone whose name you might vaguely recognize.

Part of the security system on this estate is a revolving internet address. Soooo, I got about 200 hits from my son that all looked like… Continue

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Don't Know Much Trigonometry...

I was out in the woods walking with a couple of my friends this morning when one got a cell phone call from her son. He was home studying for an upcoming science midterm and was concerned about the test, looking for guidance and reassurance.

Midterm? I asked. Uh-oh. What midterm? My son—our boys are classmates--missed the last few days of school, out sick, so I was immediately concerned that he might not know about the looming test.

Um, yeah, turns out he knows all about… Continue

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25 Random Facts About Me

1. I am a sushi fanatic.

2. I am of full blooded Italian/Sicilian descent and have an enormous extended family—hundreds—in my upstate NY hometown area.

3. I’m the oldest grandchild out of 13 on both sides of the family and all four of my grandparents were alive until I was in my mid-thirties and had both my children. I still have my grandma. But children don't have either of theirs.

4. I very rarely eat anything containing white flour or sugar and I rarely… Continue

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DING DING DING...We have a winner!

The results of the January contest are in. One name was randomly pulled from the correct entries, and I'm happy to announce that one of our newest members, Teresa Alexander, has won the prize. A trayful of southern sweets are on their way to her from Savannah Candy Kitchen. Congratulations, Teresa!

Everyone who entered the January contest has automatically been entered in the 1/1/10 Grand Prize drawing. Now it's time to give the February contest a shot. Just click on the settings… Continue

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