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2010...and I'm On the Road Again!

Good thing I love to travel, because my job requires it. Huge job perk: I can take my family with me on research trips and book tours that coincide with school breaks...though the older my children get, the busier they are with school, sports, extracurricular activities, and social lives, and the more reluctant they are to hit the road with Mom (and Dad...who then has to stay home and shuttle them around!).

When LIVE TO TELL is… Continue

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So there I was yesterday, finishing revisions on my next thriller, SCARED TO DEATH, in my office while I watched the rain pour down outside, when out of the blue, I got one of those good news bombshells--you know, the kind of moment that brings happy tears to your eyes, the milestone moment you'll always remember.

My upcoming thriller, LIVE TO TELL, (SCARED TO DEATH is the sequel), just got a starred review from the esteemed PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY magazine! If you work in the industry,… Continue

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Another Day, Another Mommy Dilemma

As much as I hate to see my children get hurt or fail at something, I firmly believe that life's disappointments are the only way to learn coping mechanisms necessary to become a mature adult. As our school guidance counselor said at high school parent orientation night last fall, we can't protect our kids from everything--and it's a mistake to try, even though sometimes, maternal instinct is to fix things ourselves.

So here I am, a little while ago, in the middle of a workday, when… Continue

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Quick Update

It seems that everything but snow and blog entries has been piling up around here this month--laundry, bills, deadlines...

I just wanted to say a quick hello as I sip my morning coffee and curse the creature whose unearthly howls woke Mark and me from a sound sleep at 3:45 a.m. I can only imagine, here in the wilds of suburbia, what it might have been--a coyote? An owl? All I know is that I've never heard it before, and I really could… Continue

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Woke up this morning to find that my first-ever audio book is now available. All four LILY DALE books will be available on AUDIBLE.COM. For some reason, the first to be released there is book 3 in the series, CONNECTING. Click here and listen to the sample:…


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Live To Tell

I think the cover on this book is awe inspiring. Makes you wait in anticipation for its arrival.
Linda G. Ash

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Dead Before Dark

Thanks , so much Wendi. I just finished Dead Before Dark. My goodness it was the best one yet. Can't wait for the next one. Your books are more delicious than chocolate to read. I wish you had a new one every month. I know that's impossible byt a great wish.
Happy New Year,
Linda G. Ash

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Thank you, everyone, for playing along throughout the year.

As promised, I just drew the name of the yearlong contest grand prize winner, and it is...

drumroll, please...

Shelley L Swind!

Shelley, I can't wait to meet you and treat you and three pals to an evening out in a limo--your own private book club! Congratulations!!

I wish you and all the members of my community site a healthy and peaceful 2010. I'll soon be unveiling a new… Continue

Added by Wendy Corsi Staub on January 1, 2010 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

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