Last year, when we released "Dying Breath" we had a lot of fun reading it together. We read about three chapters a night and even threw in a few trivia contests. I was happy to share a little bit of back story, a little bit of my story, and a look ahead. If you' re reading or rereading "Dying Breath" try this read along. I hope you enjoy it.
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Day 1: Prologue - Chapter 3
Day 2: Chapters 4-9
Day 3: Chapters 10-12
Day 4: Chapters 13-16
Day 5: Chapters 17-End

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A century ago in tranquil Beach Haven, New Jersey, the salt air was pierced by chilling screams, sea water foamed red with blood, frightened children clung to wary mothers. A legendary great white shark—the inspiration for Peter Benchley’s Jaws—had claimed its first victim.

In my newest suspense novel DYING BREATH, terror revisits idyllic Beach Haven at the hands of a human predator who stalks the most innocent, vulnerable prey of all.

Down the shore for the summer, suburban mom Cam Hastings wants only to escape her chilling premonitions of doomed children. Instead, as young girls disappear one by one from the seaside resort, the visions grow more vivid than ever. Glimpsing her own daughter’s face among them, Cam realizes her worst nightmare lies dead ahead...and there’s nothing she can do to stop it.

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Zebra Books
May 2008

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A SEASIDE RETREAT…It's summer on the Jersey Shore. Children play on the beach. Husbands are off working in the city. And the surf echoes in the night. Here, in this perfect place, a serial killer has no worries in the world—except choosing the next victim…

Cam Hastings has come to Long Beach Island with her teenage daughter and the hope that maybe she can save her failed marriage. Cam has never stopped loving her husband Mike nor has she been able to outrun her flaws and demons—a vanished mother, a lost sister, and the ugly visions she has of missing children…

A KILLER'S FAVORITE PLAYGROUND…Now, Cam is about to step over the edge. For once, she will act on one of her visions—and then face the consequences. For a killer has just struck again. And for Cam, and the people she loves most, fear has come home for good…

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