Help me honor our troops at holiday time.

Please leave a few words of encouragement to our heroes. I'll send them along with an autographed selection of my books and together we'll give them a needed uplift!

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- Wendy

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There are never enough ways to say thank you! I thought of all veterans past and current this morning, standing on my front porch in my jammies. While waiting for my dogs to finish their business trip, I thought of the many wonderful things we all enjoy, including a clear morning staring in safety at the stars, thanks to our service men and women. Thank you all so much, and God bless you and yours. Deb Andrews & family
For anyone serving this great country, wearing the uniform of an American Soldier, I say thank you. God bless you for volunteering to serve to protect the freedoms of Americans, and others around the world. In the shadow of the shootings at Fort Hood, your service and sacrifice are appreciated that much more. Know that in spite of what you may hear or see in the media, the majority of us are thankful for all you do, every day. You are proud to serve your country. We are proud to call you our sons and daughters. You are in our thoughts, and our prayers always.
To all you brave men and women who risk your lives for freedom -- I salute you. Your courage and dedication go beyond the call of duty. You sacrifice so much for us, for the world. There could never be words enough to thank you.

Valerie Hayward
I am so humbly grateful for all that our armed forces do to keep us safe and allow us the opportunity to live our lives freely. I'd like to offer deep gratitude for all of your sacrifice and selflessness. I am so proud to live in a country where such bravery abounds. Thank you so much. The Snyder family.
God Bless all veterans. Thank you for everything you do.
Thank you for all that you do to keep us safe. Those of us who are not able to join the military and have what it takes to do what you do appreciate you all so much. To those who are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, please know that my family and I will never forget 9/11 and support you wholeheartedly. To those stationed in other areas of the world, keep it up!! Finally, to all those who have served in the past, please accept my (and my family's) deepest appreciation for all that you've done to keep America safe and the best place to live.
God bless you for being the kind of men and women who would put your lives on the line for the freedom of people you don't know, people of another nationality. Yes, we are our brothers' keepers, and you reinforce that with your courage and unselfishness.

Please feel the love and support of millions around the world as they pray for you daily.

Louise in Saudi Arabia (PS the American flag flew at half mast over the US consulate today)
To all our troops deployed,
There are not sufficient words to describe the gratefulness that we here at home feel for you. The sacrifice you have made does not go unheeded! We, the grateful citizens you are fighting to protect, owe our sincere gratitude for each and every one of you, and our hearts and prayers are with you daily. My father fought in WWII while my husband and brother fought in Viet Nam. My father received a heros welcome, while my husband and brother were spit on to welcome them home. I hope you know that those who don't support you are few and those who do are many. I hate that Obama is apologizing to every country we aided (at their request) and has banned the airing of any footage of the attacks of 9/11, but the citizens are behind you and are so proud of who you are and what you give up to be there for us. If any of you needs a package from home, please write me and I will supply anything it's in my power to.
With love and thanks from a grateful Texan,
Caroline Miller
2433 Whitmire Blvd. #41
Midland, Texas
Just a short note to Thank You for fighting for our freedom. Words can not express my graditude to you and those before you that have fought for this great country. I am proud to live here and proud to be an American. Thank You again. May God forever watch over you.
I don't have any relatives currently in the army, but I don't think it matters. I truly appreciate what you guys are doing overseas and around the world. You sacrifice so much for your country, and that is something none of us should ever forget. I sincerely hope you feel our combined prayers, love, support and trust each and every day you're out there on the front lines. We will keep supporting you until you come home. God bless all of you.
To our Troops -

Thank you for your service, courage and protection. Our thoughts, prayers and gratitude!

The Siegels
Thank you for having the courage to fight for the freedoms that so many of us take for granted without even realizing it. It is because of you that we all share some sense of protection and stability. Your courage, strength, and committment speaks to what is right about America. Though there is no glory in what you do or what you've sacrificed, know that there are people out there who are supremely grateful. God bless.


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