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I love the idea of a Read Along of Dying Breath. I think that will be fun!
Hi, Wendy! I just joined and this is my first book of yours I am reading (how could I have missed you?). I am a reading teacher and about 7 months ago started reading and writing reviews of books. I am doing a project of Christmas books that come out around now. I am reading a bunch that were sent to me and will review them and then am writing an article, hopefully for publication on one of the many book/author sites I go to. I can't find a list of your books on here so can you tell me if you have a Christmas book coming out or already out that I might be able to look for or write for? Thanks and so far I am enjoying Dying Breath but it goes so fast, alas, I will be finished too soon! Thanks for listening! Have a great day! Karen
I just finished Dead before Dark and it was absolutely amazing! I didn't want to put it down once I started reading! What an awesome story. when is the next book, I can't wait!!
Thanks, Karen! The next thriller, LIVE TO TELL, will be out in March of next year, but meanwhile I've got a YA Paranormal, LILY DALE: DISCOVERING, and a Wendy Markham time travel, THE BEST GIFT, coming out later in 09!
when is Lily Dale: Discove ring coming out ??. I gave my nieces the first 3 for Christmas .....they are practically beside themselfves waiting on the next one. Wendy they LOVE this series.
Wendy I finished Dead before Dark in a Marathon 18 hour reading session.. I couldn't put it down... I love it!!!
Christy, that is great to hear! Thank you! And Judy, DISCOVERING is coming out in October. THank you so much for getting your nieces into the series!!
lol Wendy , all 4 that are 13-14ish are totally hooked. but my Nora is the most.
Hi Wendy you are so good! I love you sooooo much!!!! Please tell me, are you or anybody else that makes Turning Seventeen gonna make a number 11? I want you or whoever is on your team to please!!! It is so good and I will cry if you don't! You are awesome! Thanks for making Turning
Seventeen and if I can I will read your others. And why are some books of Turning
Seventeen by you and some by people like Violette Smith, Christa Roberts, Rosalind Noonan, and Elizabeth Craft? Are they your team or something? Please send me everything! You are soo awesome! Please I beg you, make more! Or if they are your team, tell them to make more!!! Please!!!! Thanks
Thanks, Farrah, for joining our community and for the interest in my Turning Seventeen books! We wrote the series years ago, and unfortunately there are no current plans to expand it. But if that changes, I will definitely let you know! You might like my current YA series, LILY DALE--the titles are AWAKENING, BELIEVING, CONNECTING and the upcoming DISCOVERING.
I enjoy reading your books. I want to tell you that you really brought back memories with your photo of the 1964 red convertible on route 66. When I was 19- 21 years old, I had a convertible like that one. That car was very special to me, as I met my husband then at a drive-in like A&W. We were together 36 years before his death. What a great reminder.


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