Tell me and your fellow members a little about yourself. Share your hobbies and interests, your family status or location, your job/career highlights, whatever will help us get to know you!

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I'm from Peterborough, Ont. Canada. I was born & raised there. We just moved out to country in June, into my "OtherHalf's" childhood home. We spent over a year building a 20 x 20 2 story addition & renovated the whole house. We still have 'some' things we're working on.


I have 2 boys, a 14 year old in grade 9, he's a Jr. Black Belt (Karate) and a 3 year old in Preschool 2 mornings a week and potty training at the moment.


I love to read & dabble at writing, once my youngest is in school, I truly hope to devote more time to my fave passions!!! For the moment I've been digging into Nutrition and how it truly can benefit our health or NOT. Amazing stuff, I've come across and our lil' guy is truly reaping some of the benefits!!!

I am new here.
I like reading blogs.



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