Do you like the thrillers she writes as WCS or the chick lit and romantic fiction she writes as her alter ego, Wendy Markham? Which title did you enjoy the most?

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My favorite book is Lily Dale 2: Believing. I think that it is the best book I have ever read!
Hmmmmmmmmmm? Do you mean you wrote?
LOL sounds like somebody's playing a prank! (BELIEVING was pretty terrific, though...)
I'd probably have an easier time picking a favorite child (if I had children), but ALL THE WAY HOME will always be a favorite because it was the first WCS I ever read, and I've been hooked ever since.
Fess up time...apparently, the computer was on and signed in on my screen name and my son decided to respond, not realizing it would come up as me! Then he tried to fix it by signing in as himself (MJ Strike) and adding a little comment. Lily Dale: Believing may not the best book I have ever read...but I guess it is my son's (and later I'll tell you all the story of how HE rewrote the ending!).
LOL I got a good laugh out of that!
How much later?
My favorite is Hello, It's Me, ala Wendy Markham.

Having been widowed in the past I found the book to be so spot on emotionally. It was truly a keeper for me.
Mine too! I couldn't put it down. It was also the first Markham book that I read, and then I was hooked and had to get all of them. Definitely loved HELLO, IT'S ME...but BRIDE NEEDS GROOM was a very close second for me. I just love those Chickalini boys! :)
I've only read thrillers so far but I have to agree with MJStrike 'Believing' is my favorite, so far.
Waiting on the last one and then, I'll start on the chick lit and might have a different answer.
My favorite book is Dearly Beloved. I love the mood of the book and the contrasting personalities of Jennie, Sandy and Liza. The atmosphere of the Bramble Rose Inn adds to the sense of isolation and tension. It's fun to get lost in the story.
So far, my favorite is "Don't Scream." It was the first of your books I have read. I'm still reading others so we'll see if one or more beat out that one.


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